Miracles do happen: Look out for the little things

Let me tell you two stories:

—It was a bright morning; Amelia took the bus to the city; she had a list of things to buy, just a quick shopping, that’s what she was heading for. Suddenly the sky turned black and started pouring heavily. “God, what am I going to do now? I am going to be drenched for sure”, Amelia sighed as she cursed herself for not carrying an umbrella. But to her surprise, the rain stopped as she got down at the bus stop. Amelia took an hour to get all the stuff needed and returned home. Both her hands were occupied with bags of what she bought. Though she struggled to open the door, she managed to get home without getting wet. As she got inside and shut the door, the rain started again, and the whole day it continued—

—One fine morning, the sound of the alarm woke Amelia’s sleepy self to reality. She sat up in bed, stretched herself, said a little prayer and progressed to her daily chores. She was getting ready for work, and she noticed that one of her gold ear studs is missing. It was one of her favourite ones, which was gifted to her by her other half. It is not an irreplaceable thing, but it meant a great deal to her. She was a bit disappointed and disturbed but couldn’t stay looking for it as she had to head to work. She couldn’t remember whether she had it when she went to bed the night before, and that made it difficult as she didn’t knew where to look for it. But before she leaves, she saw the front half of the stud on the floor in her bedroom. She kept it safe and set off to work. Two days later, she found the other half on her bathroom floor. It surprised her because it was too small to see, so she didn’t keep much of a hope—

Sometimes little things happen in life that goes unnoticed because we are busy chasing bigger ones. There are certain times in life when we think it’s impossible, that’s not going to happen, or there is no way I could make it; yet again, things surprise us by taking an unexpected turn. That’s when miracles happen. Yes, that’s when God shows a sign, a reminder that no matter what happens, it’s me who is there for you; I can do amazing things for you, the things that are beyond what your brains can fathom. We forget to recognise and appreciate that little touch of God’s hand and his great thoughtfulness that works in the background in everything we do; and this is the reason why we easily give up and lose hope.

Let’s not forget that Miracles do happen..

#Stay Safe #Get Vaccinated #Save Lives

Since the vaccine has been invented for Covid 19 (not one several of them), I’ve been in a dilemma like millions of other people in the world, well, at least thousands of them, whether to have it or not. There was an unexplained fear, either about the side effects than the effects or the fact that it was developed too quickly. It can be easily justified too, because the origin of Covid19 itself is mysterious to this point, even though people make their hypothesis on what might have happened.

So after a lot of confusion and second thoughts and probably more thoughts, yesterday morning out of the blue, I decided to get my vaccine. Being a frontline worker, sometimes things become a necessity than a choice, which is reasonable. If we think about it, most of the vaccines we took in childhood, our parents didn’t doubt whatsoever for us to have it. Because they only thought about our health and well being. There was no room for doubt then. Even after growing up, I could remember having Hepatitis B, and H1N1 vaccines, but then, I never seem to doubt the efficacy of either of them. This time until the moment the nurse stick the needle on my left deltoid, I was in doubt, do I or do I not?

But I realise, it is pointless thinking about it or worrying too much, this is a conscious decision we have to make, at least bearing in mind about those people who may be affected by us, be it our family, our friends, our colleagues or whoever is under our care. I remember the week in January when my colleagues and I were contracted with the virus, had the most number of deaths since the pandemic started in the UK (probably due to the new variant). After surviving through those 🔟 days of my life, I think it is worth the risk to try the vaccine to see if it helps.

We have been holding it too long; our hands and hearts are getting exhausted; this has to stop. For how long could we live the insecurities of being controlled by a piece of protein🙄? So let’s get vaccinated and save lives.

#Stay Safe #Get Vaccinated #Save Lives

Much Love ❤️ and God Bless

~Chinchu Gibu

A look back to the Decade of life in England ❤️

Do you remember the girl from ten years ago, who boarded the Qatar Airways’ flight to London Heathrow from Cochin International Airport?

That was her first flight, even though there was some nervousness, her excitement overtook all her fears. She was going to college again to pursue yet another degree in health care. Though she had dreams and the wings craving to fly, little did she knew about the exciting journey awaited for her in her destination.

London, one of the most diverse cosmopolitan cities in the world, all thanks to God, who guided her to this fantastic city. The city that transformed this ‘innocent’ kid into a brave and daring person. People say ten years have gone in a blink, but for her, she lived and felt every day of it. It was a phase of learning for her, learning to say no, learning to overcome fears, learning to let go and most importantly, learning to hold on to her dreams.

Her college days in the London Campus was the best in her memory, she came across many lovely and selfless people, some left, and some remain in touch. Not too late that she had her other half to join her journey, which made life even more exciting. Life is not always a bed of roses, and there were tough times too. But it only made her stronger both in herself and in God.

“It’s ten years now, thank you, Lord”, her eyes, misted over with a teardrop as she smiled and looked up to the heavens and whispered, “Thank you for appointing your angels to protect my lovely people and me, even when times were a bit dark, roads were a bit tough especially passing by those empty lanes; it was just us, and it was only you.” She wiped her eyes and looked forward and now she could see, the road ahead, of fun and adventures yet to come. She took her steps to the infinite possibilities and it goes on..

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: It goes on.”—Robert Frost.

Much Love ❤️

~Chinchu Gibu

Celebrating Love ❤️

Love: many fought for it, many fell due to it, many still struggle just because they cling on to it, still we continue to love.

Yes, Love is such a thing, no matter what outcome it brings, people just love

Love is such an emotion, no matter it makes or breaks, people just love

Love is such a feeling, no matter if they have to sacrifice, people just love

Love is such a strength, no matter how big a war they have to fight, people just love

Love is such a reassurance, no matter how lonely or broken they feel, people just love

The world is suffering now, not just because of COVID19, but because of a lack of love.

If we have that love to our fellow beings, we will follow the rules, we will stick on to our restrictions, we will make sure ourselves and our loved ones are safe. And it’s because there is care, sacrifice, strength and reassurance in love. It’s okay to endure a bit for who we love, and that’s all because we love. Love is all we need; when we have love, not matter what we have and what we don’t, everything just follows and make it whole.

You know why? Because love is God and God is love..

Much Love and God bless,

~ Chinchu Gibu

Fiction | ‘The Call’ by Chinchu Kuriakose | Creative Writing Workshop

Nainital’s beauty was at its peak glory, as the first ray of sunshine kissed the greens. Tanya felt the chill when she removed the blanket from over …

Fiction | ‘The Call’ by Chinchu Kuriakose | Creative Writing Workshop

The Day I got to watch The Olympics: London 2012

That day, the 1st day of August 2012, British Summertime, around 09:45: I walked into the Queen Elizabeth II Olympic Park, Stratford along with my friend, with probably the same excitement that Neil Armstrong experienced while he set his first step on the moon. That was a bright and beautiful morning, as cheerful as me, no doubt it was evident. The thrill reflected on my face was beyond explanation. I was aware that the moment I was living was once a lifetime one. 

God, I was overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude in heart for choosing London to study, the city that never disappointed me since the day one I landed in Heathrow, was indeed a place of gifts. 

As I stepped in, I was greeted a warm welcome by the renowned five-ringed Olympic emblem, and I eagerly looked around and absorbed the moment in my camera. My friend and I followed the sea of people to the River Side Arena, where the Hockey match was about to be scheduled in an hour time. I saw the flags of all countries waving in the wind, and I paused for a moment to find the Indian flag and proudly gave a salute. As much as I love to live in the United Kingdom, I admit that India is a feeling my heart behold and the place where my soul belongs. 

The tickets we had were for a Hockey tournament, between Belgium and Netherlands. “Hockey is India’s national sport.” I thought as I walked up the gallery to find my seat along with my friend. As we sat down, we were sharing little talks about how lucky we were to be there. She was happy, and I could see in her face, but being a person who doesn’t show it as much as I do, her emotions are not apparent in our photographs. The crowd was cheering their team, and there wasn’t a specific one that I supported. Though I am fond of cricket, I enjoyed watching the tournament sitting in the gallery, rather than on the television in my living room. I experienced the fans’ pulse, and it was great to sense it while I was one among them. The Netherlands won the match, and the teams played well.

After the game, my friend and I explored the park. Other sports like rowing were happening in the other end of the stadium. The Olympic torch stood at the center with all its glory. We captured some scenes on our iPhone. It was a proud moment for both of us, a story we could share with the future generations, it might sound a bit exaggerating, but it is a feeling beyond words to describe.

I gratefully remembered the conversation I shared with a particular person, a few days before the match. That was one of my colleagues who asked me out of the blue, “Chinchu, would you like a ticket to watch the Olympics?”. I thought she was kidding me, and I looked at her with an expression full of mischief and said, “Why I feel you woke up from the wrong side of the bed this morning,” and laughed. She replied with a hint of annoyance in her tone, “Why would you think I would joke of such a thing to you?”. This time I understood she wasn’t joking with me. As her daughter bid some Olympic entry passes, and she didn’t need that many. I bought two of them for myself and my friend. 

I shared this happiness with my dad, and I would never forget what he said to me, ” Chinchu, this is a rare opportunity you got in your life, don’t think twice, just grab it, because you never know if you ever get a similar chance again.” That day remains etched to my soul as it always meant to be, because it was unimaginable for a simple girl who considered herself too small in this vast universe, determined to achieve her dreams. It taught her the infinite possibilities of life and opportunities that comes in our life. It took its unique place in her memory box, which holds all the beautiful memories in her life.

🇧🇪 vs 🇳🇱

Much Love ❤️

~Chinchu Gibu

The little things we do for the little things we love ❤️

It was kind of a different unexplainable feeling, when I came out for a walk after a few weeks of work to home and home to work run. I could feel the yearning of my body and soul for fresh air and light. I feel sorry for myself and all the human race for the state we are in (rather we put ourselves to.. well.. who to blame.. I could only take a deep breathe in and sigh).


I sat at my window, looking out at the road, watching those who pass by and think to myself, when will I be able to go out and feel the air and the meagre sunshine we get in winter. I felt ill, exhausted, and shattered as if I was ran over by a truck. Ten days of isolation: I slept effortlessly for 24 hours a day. It’s true that I wasn’t well enough anyway to go out, even if the “isolation” bit was absent. But it was the feeling of being caged, that took over those periods of wakefulness I had. I thought I can’t wait for the COVID days to be over.

*Flashback ends*

I passed by a few dog walkers, as I was heading down to the post office. I thought to myself, it would be nice to have a dog to accompany when you walk on your own. The bulb that lit in my head suddenly disappeared, I don’t think I can manage that. “No Chinchu, high maintenance it is,” I sighed as I glanced at the doggy who wagged tail at me trying to show its friendly self. I could only respond with smile.

I could see the long socially-distanced queue outside the post office. I realised I am not going in anytime sooner. I took my phone out of the pocket and clicked on to the iPhone notes📝 and started writing about how I felt coming out for the walk after a long while. Nothing can stop me from writing what I feel, no matter the time, the place or the space, can it?

I eventually bought the post cards and the stamps after my fair share of waiting. (I suddenly felt the urge to write to some of my friends, though it’s the time of social-media, I do miss the old school way of communication: having said that I am neither too old school nor the “new gens” as they say, but probably a link between the two.)

On my return, I slowed my pace, just to absorb the whole nature in my vision field to deep within me. Though it looked a bit blue and grey, it was still pleasing to the eye in someways. I took a few snaps, I spoke to a friend, and I reached home, I felt a new energy filling in me. As I entered my home, after taking off my coat and boots, I settled on my couch with my eyes closed, and thought, “I managed to satisfy my cravings: for fresh air and light..”

The beauty in blue !!

P.S. Some little thoughts in this big world!!

Much Love

~Chinchu Gibu

One Fine Morning..

“ഈ സൂര്യോദയ കിരണങ്ങൾ , ഈ മരം കോച്ചും തണുപ്പിലും

എൻ ഹൃദയത്തിൻ ഉള്ളറയിൽ, നിൻ കരുതലിൻ ചൂട് പകരുന്നു നാഥാ..”

“My heart feels overwhelmed with the warmth of your thoughtfulness my Lord..

Seeing this beautiful sunrise, on this chilly winter morning..”

[Just a lovely morning captured in my lens the beauty of which is food for the eye and contentment to the soul.]

Much Love ❤️

~Chinchu Gibu

Relish your TasteBuds !!

Do you know how important is taste in our day to day life? Even though I never thought about the importance of taste that much before, in the past couple of weeks, this is the only topic I hear from many lovely people I know, including my other half, my colleagues and my friends.

Loss of taste (probably one of the most underrated) is a main symptom of COVID-19, as we all know by now from every possible data sources available to us, and one of the most frustrating symptoms of all.

I remember one of my colleagues said, “Everything tastes cardboard.” And the ruthless self of mine responded by asking, “So, when have you tasted cardboard?”. And we bursted out in laughter. But that was couple of days ago.

Today I was making my lovely cup of ‘milky’ coffee, which only myself and my colleague Cara can drink. [People did suggest in the past seeing the way I make it: that why bother putting coffee, drink milk rather ;)]. I offered Cara a cup of coffee too, which she gently declined, saying, “Don’t waste your effort, I can’t taste it.” But do you think I give up? No way, I proudly said, “But I shall make you my best signature coffee and you will love it. To this she couldn’t deny, but gladly agreed.

As usual, I made that signature coffee of mine, one for her too, but it’s really unfortunate, that my lovely friend Cara couldn’t sense any taste of it whatsoever. She looked so pathetic when she said it and my response was the worst one. I laughed my head off, but I promise I didn’t mean it. It’s true we are a team of a crazy bunch at work, and we laugh off many things. But, honestly, I empathised in my heart.

Even though losing taste is better than losing life, I do pray and wish that everyone get their taste back. Because I do believe that life can’t be the same, without being able to taste that lovely cuppa tea or coffee, that we savour every morning to start a brand new day.

Hence, dear people never underestimate the power of taste in our day to day life, because as the saying goes you won’t know what you have until you lose it.

Much Love,

~Chinchu Gibu

Some Cat Talks !!

Today I was washing my plates in the kitchen, it’s over a week now, I haven’t stepped out of my home.

Two of my feline visitors, walked to my back garden. Let’s call them Kitty and Milo, the naughty male farm cats from my neighbourhood.

Kitty is black and white, handsome of course and Milo, has black, white and brown fur with white whiskers, looks wild, but gentle.

The flowing tap water gathered their attention towards me. They stood for a moment watching me, of course, making comments on what I was doing.

I raised my eyebrow to kitty, who stood near my window and Milo was standing by the fence.

Since they distracted my attention I dropped the plate with a thud noise, which alerted Kitty. I smiled at him and raised my hand and said, “Sorry, mate.”

I saw him turning to Milo and say, “Nevermind, she is a bit clumsy, looks like she hasn’t recovered yet, anyway we are in the safe zone.”

I saw that cheeky smile they shared and I rolled my eyes and sighed, “You silly cats, don’t think that I failed to notice that meaningful look of yours.” As though they understood, both walked away quietly.

~ Chinchu Gibu