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Friendship is defined by many people in many ways. I am sure each one of us have some memories connected to that one person or few people that remained at our side in all our ups and downs. Likewise, I too have experienced that lovely relationship in my life.

In every phase of life, a person’s perspective of seeing life is different. As a child our world revolves around parents. When I grew up, I had friends around, not many, but a very much refined few. While pursuing my degree, I lived in the college accommodation, wherein I happened to make friendship with these two-lovely people.

In the beginning, it wasn’t a very intimate bonding we shared. However, over time it grew, after overcoming several instances of love, fun, hatred, fights, tears and laughter. It survived even after been blown and tossed in numerous occasions throughout the journey.

It is true that love endures all hardships. We enjoyed each other’s company. Those card games we played, those little times we gossiped, those unknown recipes we cooked, those posters on our walls, those late-night assignments and different comfort spots we chose for our self-study before exams are memories worth cherishing.

Today as I ponder on my hostel days, I can’t think about these, without a tear drop in my eye and smile on my lip.

The beauty of every bond is the strength that binds it together, and the strength is nothing, but love and trust in one another. A few years  passed by as we left college and graduated. From the crossroad we met, our lives advanced further. We got  married, our priorities changed.

Life moved on in a much faster pace, chasing the dreams and facing the reality. We did keep in touch once in a while, not very often. Neither the time, nor the distance mattered much to us.

As we see ourselves located in different parts of the globe, in different time zones, it gives me immense pleasure to discover how amazingly the creator has knitted our bond together.

“How great thou art, my Lord”

~ Chinchu Gibu

3 responses to “FRIENDS FOREVER”

  1. Well expressed … dear friend !!!!and yes we are lucky to have u in our lives…..God bless u and keep growing

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  2. gibubabuabraham Avatar

    Best wishes ..

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