Dearest Mommy

You are that person in my life, like no other,

Whom I fondly call my precious mother.

Being born from you is a privilege to me,

Above everything else, it’s your face I see

You made my fingers familiar to words,

So, I gain wisdom and differ from the nerds.

You imparted in me God’s amazing love,

The grace that showers from higher above.

You showed me His creations, all around me,

The earth, the sky, the rivers and the sea.

No matter how big or small it could be,

You taught me to find beauty in what I see.

I love the comforts of your lap when I weep,

And your soft fingers that stroke me as I sleep.

When am down and feel unable to sort,

You are my strongest pillar and my fort.

I know I was favored in the Lord’s eye,

For which I will remain grateful till I die.

As I have you in His amazing grace I believe,

That made my life worth enough to live.

My love for you grow more day after day

Above and beyond what words could say

For you are my mother, that gave life to me,

My love my shelter, my everything is in thee

~Chinchu Gibu~

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