I was amazed to look through your eyes,

The little world of yours under the skies

Seeing Your fondest memories fade away,

By Leaving behind those feelings to stay

I’ve seen you smiling, I’ve seen you tearful,

Quite often, I have even seen you fearful

I may not understand the way you feel,

But definitely it is hard, the life you deal.

It’s exhausting for you to find the words

To make me understand, where it hurts.

As you struggle to convey those needs,

How easily do I misinterpret your deeds.

Once you’re young, and now you’re old,

You did have a family, a good household.

And suddenly, that everything changed,

Remains the feeling of being estranged

I saw your loved ones, so down and blue,

Unable to cope, with the reality they knew

To see you gradually lose the you, in you

Which to me is unfortunate, but very true

Though I can’t reverse this entire process,

I certainly can try to lessen your distress.

By helping you live well, wiping your tears,

And adding more life to your coming years

(Wrote on 22/03/18 inspired by an elderly lady living with dementia)

~Chinchu Gibu~

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