There’s a frame nailed to my living room wall,

That imparts an intense feeling deep to my soul.

The picture of Mary and Infant Jesus it portrays,

With the warmth of holy love and full of grace.

I see them watching me every day, indeed amazed

Listening to my sigh and all the words I phrased

When life gets so tough, with all of its hustles,

They give me those gestures, to solve my puzzles.

I feel thy comfort, and the pat on my shoulder,

When I am weak, Thy presence makes me bolder.

Your face is serene and full of innocence I see,

As though the Heaven’s opened in front of me.

The mother and child that brings peace to my heart

The feeling of immense love, no one could part

The portrait that talks to me, the moment I look

That reads me word by word like an open book


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