T’was all good as it always have been

Until the rise of a virus ,a strain unseen

Have no vaccine, but to keep hands clean

The only known way to beat COVID-19

T’is scary to see life fade away so quick

By making the world so helpless and sick

Thousands are falling beside, like flies

Leaving behind those unheard cries

The panic of the unknown, is all you see

With a clueless mind that force you to flee

So you hide away from the chaos around

With the fears of uncertainty that is bound

As you look down to us from heaven abode

Be merciful to thy people ,my dear Lord,

Let’s fight this illness, the way you guide

With your angels to protect by our side

Sorry my Lord, we walked away from you,

With the luxuries of life, as we often do..

Don’t let us die in the fire of your wrath,

Give us another chance, to follow thy path

( Let’s be together to overcome this, Let’s follow the guidelines, Let’s break the chain of infection , Let’s pray for the World)

~ Chinchu Gibu

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