Since childhood, Amelia has seen and experienced how her elders gave importance to the Passion Week, especially the Passover, The Good Friday and Easter. The few days of living with Christ through the last supper, betrayal, suffering, crucifixion and resurrection. This week is of utmost importance in a Christian life. This year a sense of guilt occupied her heart for not being part of any of these as she practiced in the past. She felt bitter in heart. “How could I become so passive?” She thought.

Suddenly she heard this voice in her ears. She turned to the side to see who possessed such a divine voice. She only could see the bright beam of light that made her vision field blind. She closed her eyes and just listened. “My Child!! This time I only wanted you to sit beside the sick and lend your hand to them, to care and comfort.” As soon as she heard these words, she opened her eyes. “Oh! that was a dream.” She shook her head and rubbed her eyes.

Last two days (The day of Passover and The Good Friday) she been at work. She came home with the sense of regret, that she didn’t spend her time with Christ on His way to the cross. Her conscience blamed her. But before even she knew, she fell asleep. She was fatigued after long hours of work. And now as she woke up from this beautiful dream, she looked above and said, “Thank You Lord, Thank You for my call as a Nurse. You gave me the privilege to be with the sick and needy. I see my Hope in you… I rejoice for I see the Tomb, It’s empty… I see that You’ve Resurrected… for me and everybody in this World.”

~ Chinchu Gibu

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