Amelia really missed her lovely friends and family. Life has become so busy for herself and her other half that they don’t even see each other these days. The threat of the virus is getting closer and closer day by day. She felt tired of pretending to be brave. Her inner being was breaking, the courage she masked on her face started melting down, she felt the warmth of her tears on her cheeks.

She wished to have someone near her this time. To hold her in the arms and give a tight hug and say “don’t worry we’ll get over it, we’ll be fine.” That was all she needed. But of course, ‘social distancing’ , she forgot it, didn’t she.?

Amelia said to herself, “no you can’t be broken,You can’t have fear, because you are a nurse, you are the one to whom people look up to, you need to stay brave..”She closed her eyes and hugged herself. She regained all the strength she needed to face another shift at work.

She got ready for work,she have a night shift tonight. She absolutely hate to do night shifts. But this time she felt like a soldier at the border, saving the country. “Yes, when all my patients sleep tonight, I’ll be their guard, who will remain vigilant against the virus..” She was calm and serene as drove to work, as though there was nothing on earth that could beat her..like a warrior..

~ Chinchu Gibu

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