Let’s Be Grateful, Let’s Appreciate ..

Oh my Soul, did you realise,

How quickly the day has passed..

Sun has kissed the horizon at last,

It’s time to rest and break the fast.,

Look around and look aside,

Many has fallen and many died..

You are breathing and still alive,

With enormous energy to prosper and thrive..

Let’s be honest and let’s be wise,

Learn to see with wide open eyes..

All that you have and yet you receive,

Are left behind before you leave..

Just be grateful, as nothing remains,

None of your loses, nor your gains..

So keep your heart free, for the day you sleep,

That you have no regrets, rooted deep..

Remember my soul, it’s never too late,

To not forget, to appreciate ..

Those wonderful things, in your grip,

With a humble prayer in your lip …

[ P.S.Written couple of years ago: Found in my archives, thought to share :)]

~ ChinchuGibu

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