Re-exploring the Little Joys of Life

As a child I always wanted to grow up and be independent. But when I grew up, I realized my childhood was the best phase of my life. I sometimes wish the time machines were real so I could fly back to my carefree days. Well, of course, reality is far away from my fantasy thoughts. The weather was extremely pleasant today, I really wanted to go out and get some fresh air.  It has been a long while that I have gone out for a walk. My mind and body have not revived yet from the shift I did last night. For some unknown reason I find it exceedingly difficult to cope with night shifts. Adding to it, the mask I wore makes it even worse, by depriving my brain of oxygen. I really felt to inhale very hard and deep so I could get all the oxygen to revitalize all the cells of my body. Meanwhile, my eyes were busy capturing the beauty of blossoming nature around me. And suddenly this little being secured my line of vision. A little common dandelion. I remembered when I was little, I was fond of this flower, I liked to pick it, so I could blow its petals. It imparted great joy in me as child. I know it sounds a bit silly, but it is an overwhelming feeling. Now that I saw it again, I gently picked it and I blew its petals once again. And as I did it, I sensed the same feeling of satisfaction as I felt as a child ..

my little common dandelion


4 Comments on “Re-exploring the Little Joys of Life”

    • Hi Rishabh, even some of my friends said the same. It indeed suggests that we all had a great childhood, that’s why we all feel the same. Thank you..


  1. I think since we’ve had a chance to slow down a bit lately it’s easier to notice things like dandelions. Beautiful picture by the way. Gald you got out!

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    • That’s absolutely true, even though it was inevitable, we been given a chance to slow down, to look around and appreciate all the little yet beautiful lively things around us.. Thanks very much indeed for reading my louder thoughts, I really appreciate that.. stay safe..


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