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I am a Nurse..

I am a nurse that see the journey of life, from the moment of the first cry to the last gasp, yet every day I feel the same excitement and the same shock as I felt the first time

I am a nurse who see the fear in the eyes that look up to me, yet suppresses mine and pretends to be fearless in those eyes

I am a nurse who feels happy when I see the smile on my patients face, yet at times I get blamed of various things which may not be relevant than life

I am a nurse who cannot cope with the unsocial hours of the night, yet I do it fighting against my body to meet the needs at my work

I am a nurse who can encourage patients to drink plenty and yet my bottle of water remains unopened even at the end of my shift

I am a nurse whose bladder is made of elastic, that surprise myself how much it could hold, yet I am good at advising others on the same

Iam a nurse who finds it difficult to hold my tears, yet I stay strong to give my shoulder to the bereaving families

I am a nurse that deal any emergencies as though an expert. yet I tremble when my adrenaline rush eases off

I am a nurse that has a loving family waiting at home, yet expose myself to all the deadly bugs and then worry about everyone around me

I am a nurse, that sometimes get so fed up with the number of records I need to complete to keep the evidence of what I did, yet I gather my will not to give up.

I am a nurse, not an angel, am just a human, and I deserve to be treated as human yet at times I feel that people take me for granted

I am a nurse, and mine is a key profession that no matter it is war or flood or outbreak or lock-down or terrorism, I should be at work, yet at times the least appreciated

I am a nurse, even though I feel sick and tired and unwell, yet I believe I can do many more things to make others feel better

I am a nurse that wear a smile on my face all day every day, as I enter the door of my workplace, so nobody knows how I bury all my worries of life in my heart

I am a nurse, that no matter how people treat me, and look down on me, yet I love my job as I deal with people and their precious lives, who put their trust in me.

~Chinchu Gibu

4 responses to “I am a Nurse..”

  1. Every word was totally felt, amazing writing!

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    1. Hi Shaunak, Thanks very much indeed for the good words of encouragement. Every word shows the true feelings of many nurses out there, including me..

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      1. Thank you for this lovely writeup, but more greater thank you for the service y’all provide to the despair, truly y’all are the best superheroes one could get. Huge respect!

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      2. 😇 you’re welcome

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I am Chinchu Kuriakose aka Chinchu Gibu. I am a writer/ blogger with a vision of spreading positivity and good cheer to the world and a Clinical Research Nurse by profession, working in Cancer Research. The creative side of me adores nature, humanity, romance and emotions; while the professional side of me works on research protocols and evidence-based practice. When a feeling, a moment, a thought or a memory touches my heart, it flows as words. I do it with passion; I do it with love. Yes, it is my profound thoughts that I would like to think a bit louder, so I could share a piece of it with the outer world.


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