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It’s your life that matters..

It was a beautiful Sunday morning, after a wet and miserable week. However, I was extremely disturbed by the news headline I saw that popped up on my phone’s News Feed: a talented Bollywood actor committed suicide. According to statistics cited in the World Population Review website (2020), India ranks 21st in suicidal rates. I wonder why our youngsters rely on escaping from situations in life rather than stand up to it and boldly face it.
Right, I could guess your thoughts. How do I know what a person is going through until I walk in their shoe? Of course, each problem is unique, and I respect it.
I am not a fan of news channels. I hear news accidentally, especially when my other half watches it and am around. However, I realize that the number of unpleasant news I hear, like cases of suicides, murders, and rapes are increasing day by day. It makes me think and worry about our society. It proves that we are, or we are raising a generation of mentally unhealthy and socially irresponsible beings. It is high time to focus vigorously in Mental Health from the grassroots levels.
i.e., The mental growth and development of a person begin from the moment a human takes form in the mother’s womb. As from what I read and learned, the mental health of the mother hugely impacts the baby. A child starts to learn life from home before they join the school. The environment they are raised, the people around, and their ways of dealing with life are some of the external factors that mold a child’s mind. Mental Health is to be considered vital in our curriculum to build healthy individuals. Even though some schools have it, most times it is a namesake activity. I am not a scholar to talk on this subject in detail, however being a health professional as well as a human being, I genuinely feel that many people out there need help.
When I look at our grandparents and parents, they are a morally strong and emotionally stable generation based on relationships and faith. Times have changed ever since as an era of technology, and science stepped in. We became more friendly with devices and equipment than people. But why blame technology? Are we humans any less? It seems the human factor of human beings is getting mutated. Nobody has time to care. Even if somebody care, they are taken advantage of by others. And some people get pleasure digging other’s wounds. I believe that every life matter, and their every feeling matters. Sometimes, it only needs a hand to hold, an ear to listen, a shoulder to lean on, a tissue to wipe those tears, or as little as a few words of encouragement.
It is okay to fail; there is no successful person on earth who has not tasted failure at least once. Your failure can help you refine yourself to become better.
It is okay to cry, only with the first cry after birth, that we took our first breath to live. People see crying as a weakness, but it is indeed a strength that you are strong enough to acknowledge your weakness.
It is okay to fall; no one learned to walk without falling. You got the choice to get up and walk again to your goal, no matter how many times you fall.
It is okay to feel angry when you are deceived by the person you loved the most; you do not have to pretend, scream your heart out until you feel free.
Life has not been trouble-free to anybody; everyone has their fair share of good, bad, and worse to deal with. It is never too late to seek help. It could be anyone, be it friends, family, or professionals. Even if they may not be able to solve a problem, they could help to deal with it or seek the right assistance.
“End of the day, it’s your life that matters.”

~ Chinchu Gibu

N.B. With prayers in heart, I think of those souls, who didn’t manage to get the right help at the right time, when their minds struggled before losing themselves..

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