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Bawsey Country Park: Time Out

” Wow! It’s indeed, heaven.”
My words echoed in the woods as I spread out my arms, to embrace the beauty that surrounded me. My nostrils were filled with the fresh fragrance of nature, as I inhaled a large volume of air to fill in the depths of my alveolar sacs. A feeling of contentment invaded all my five senses.
While strolling through the narrow path between the trees, each step of mine imparted a perception of conquering the most dazzling scene of greenery and life encompassing me. My inner-being has been yearning for such a picturesque composition for a long time to wake up my brain cells to trigger the lost inspiration.
We galloped uphill in excitement, after a little while I started gasping for air.
” Hang on a moment”.
I paused, took a deep breath, and couldn’t help but ask,
” Why are we walking to the hill-I thought we meant to be going to the lakes?”
The sound of laughter that followed stupefied me. Of course, in the bustle of being out after a long while, none of us looked for the route but tracked the path that was just ahead. My other half halted for a moment and said,
“I think it is that little track we just came across a few seconds ago on the right-hand side.”
Elsa and I lingered reluctantly to take any further steps.
“Shall we wait here, and let them two find the right trail, and we follow.”
Elsa’s husband was busy capturing the eye-catching elegance of nature in his new lenses. As they proceeded ahead to the new route, we stayed behind quietly watching them waiting for their signal to resume. Since the parking ticket was for two hours, I peeked at the phone to check the time.
“We only got an hour left, we need to hurry up,” I yelled and turned my gaze to the two fellows who already reached a couple of meters ahead. Suddenly, we heard the response,
“Come on, you two, follow us.”
We hurried our footsteps to catch up with their pace, I should admit, the path was a challenge walking through. After a little while, I shifted my gaze from the ground to look forward. My eyes widened with ardent zeal, as I shouted in joy,
“Hurrah! Beautiful!”
The water looked so pure and crystal clear that I could see the lake- bed. I stood in a daze, watching the little ripples forming with the gentle breeze. Didn’t realise how much time I paused there, absorbing nature’s charm to my inner being. A swimmer was practising in the lake. He was trying various strokes and seen checking now and then in the timer and to evaluate his performance. My better-half was astounded by his show and was relishing his skills.
Elsa reminded us of the time, as her hubby was still busy enjoying the scene with his wide-angle lens, making memories. A few snapshots clicked, and my eyes followed the pine cones on the ground. My pride didn’t stop me collect a few of them, as to keep a souvenir, to recall this captivating moment.
As I walked back to the car, my eyes secretly glanced on them three cheerful faces of my lovely people and a sense of blissful satisfaction outpoured in my heart.


~ Chinchu Gibu

❤️ here we go!!

P.C. Sumith Varghese 😊

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