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“Some journeys are worth it.”

“Some journeys are worth it.”

Even after days and months pass by; still, the vibe of positivity and spirit remains in the heart. It was in last July, as I scroll down my Facebook page, ‘memories on this day’ pop up on the screen.
“Surprisingly, a year has passed in a flash.”
I thought as I browse through the pictures, and lean back, to relax in the couch. I slowly close my eyes to reminisce those lovely days, spent in Dresden, Germany.
Ryan Air Carrier FR2814 ascended towards the sky, from the runway of London Stanstead Airport. As the flight was taking off, I felt the pressure in my ears. But the further it sloped upwards, I started feeling lighter and lighter. More volatile like a feather, surrounded by clouds. Suddenly my gaze stuck at the vision below. The buildings and houses resembled to carefully arranged matchboxes. Whiteness enveloped the plane as it rose high up, as though engulfed by the clouds. I sensed the feeling of soaring in the sky. And I looked down to the ground, proud like an eagle, even though it was just a blur.

*Cologne Bonn Airport*
My tummy growled, reminding me of hunger, and we still had a few hours in transit. We just looked around in search of a place to satisfy our nature’s call. Of course, at this time, my eyes moved faster than my legs, as I located the Burger King at the other end. As I reached in front of the queue, I quickly placed our order,
“Can we have two Chicken Royale burgers with chips, and two orange juice please?”
The lady who stood beside me, stared at me as though am from a different planet. I felt a bit embarrassed, and thought to myself, 
“Did I say something wrong?”
I knew I was polite, and I looked at my other half, and asked him,
“Look at my face, is there anything obvious?” 
He was perplexed hearing my question and didn’t forget to laugh at me. I am sure at times he prefers not to reply to my silly questions. Either way, I was at a loss myself. Then I listened to another person placing the order, and they were all speaking German (It’s not that I understand the language, but I assumed that like it, as the majority of them spoke similarly.). I realised that I left the English territory, and now I understood why I received a funny look earlier. I could only Thank God, for the name of the burgers were the same, and at least we won’t be starved.

*Dresden Airport*
I stood patiently in the queue, waiting for the clearance to enter. The official asked me the purpose of the visit and how long we going to stay. As I said it, he repeated, as though questioning me,
” Just four days?” 
I told as I took my return travel itinerary, and gave it to him, as I could see suspicion in his eyes. After checking the documents, he wished us a pleasant trip as he stamped our passports. 

We walked to the taxi rank, and we only said, 
“Intercity Hotel”
He took us there, and he was indeed a friendly person. I realised we only need a few words and gestures to communicate. Even though language makes it more comfortable, you don’t necessarily need to know the same for essential communication. He also explained the routes to the various restaurants near our stay, in the few words he knew, and we understood it all. It was amazing.

The purpose of the travel was to see my brother as he was in the same place as part of a business visit. We made ourselves comfortable and eagerly waited for him to finish his matters. It was after a couple of years we met and enjoyed the time with each other. Life truly amazes us with unexpected experiences like this. Who else would have thought that I would be meeting my sibling in Germany, I don’t think I ever had this thought in my wildest dreams.

When my brother busied himself with his work-related affairs, we decided to explore the beautiful city of Dresden. As we had free travel cards for the days of our stay, we just took trams from one place to another, sightseeing buses, and even strolled randomly around the place. It’s just fun when you don’t know where to go, and what to do, especially when you don’t have to reach anywhere at a particular time. Sometimes we need to have such carefree journeys in life, where you have no deadlines to meet and timelines to keep, to explore ourselves in us.

Though I didn’t do much exciting in Dresden, other than meeting my brother and spending some meaningful time there, it was indeed worth a trip. A journey that imparted in me a perception of bliss, a feeling of getting lost in an unknown crowd, in a different country, worrying less about life.

~ Chinchu Gibu

PC: Good Stock Photos (Plane Wing Photo)

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