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A Wonderful Walk in the Wilderness..

It’s already the fourth week of my 12-week Walk challenge with my friend Rai. She is an ex-military person, indeed fit as a fiddle. And me, 🤭 an amateur who only like to stroll around. In the beginning (sometimes even now), I found it challenging to keep up with her pace, as for me I feel like I am climbing the Everest. I feel the pain, I gasp for air. Indeed I struggle. But when I look at her, she walks so unrestrainedly, which makes me feel ashamed of myself.

As we walk through the woods and pass by the narrow path with berries on both sides, it imparts an incredible feeling of being enveloped by nature. We have to be extremely careful as we cross the slippery area, covered in mud. Otherwise, you never know where you will land. (It reminds me of the roads after monsoon rains in my hometown, in India). Then, there are a few more steps ahead to proceed to the country road that leads us to the tree, which is our reference point where we usually stop, either for a little workout or a break.

Today, our friend Cara, and her lovely daughter Lily joined us, in our route mentioned above in the Woods.

Lily just enjoyed racing with Rai and hopping around with short resting periods. Me and Cara, followed them with our lazy pace.

We could hear Rai yelling at us ruthlessly,

”Come on, you two.”

Followed by Lily,

”Mummy, Run..”

And Cara replied,

”I can’t run, unless my life is in danger.”

As I heard Cara’s words, with a giggle I thought to myself,

” Same here”

Even though we didn’t make it up to our usual pace, we did our miles, enjoyed the warmth of the morning sun rays, and the freshness of the air and the positivity that surrounded us, in abundance.

As we returned to the car park, with an uplifted spirit and a refreshed soul, I realised the achy legs, and the muddy trainers, are worth it.

By the tree @ the reference point
Blue berries ☺️
Here we go!!
Life’s but a walking shadow ~ William Shakespeare 🤭🤔 Do you think? I doubt it 🤭🤔

~ Chinchu Gibu

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