A Walk for Fun

Sometimes it’s just fun, you just get up in the morning, you know your friend is waiting outside, so it is just to get ready, have your walk shoes on and off you go.

No planned routes, no work-out regimes, no target to achieve, just set off to explore.

We walked through the footpath, 15-20 mins later, we found a signpost which pointed to a field with ”public path” written on it. We just followed.

The little yellow flower caught in my sight. I just picked it.

”Beautiful, isn’t it?”

Meadow Buttercup☺️

I asked as I showed it to Rai. She said,

”I’ll pick you a bunch of flowers.”

We walked through the fields and the meadows, passed the little residential area, and walkway beside the school ground.

Collected as many flowers and berries we found on the way, of different colours and forms, and finally I got a bunch.

And Rai took a picture of me with the flowers and sighed,

”It’s now the fifth week of the walk, and here she is, still picking flowers.”


~Chinchu Gibu

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