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My Birthday Blog ❤️

Today is my birthday, I woke up with a prayer of gratitude on my lip and a cheerful smile on my face.

”Thank You for today and everyday God”,

I whispered as I looked up to the Sacred Heart portrait on my bedroom wall.

I gave myself a tight hug and said,

“You are just amazing. Stay young forever; Keep writing, painting and loving, now and forever,, Happy Birthday..”

Then my eyes moved to the mirror on the other side, only to see a fantastic human being smiling back at me.

I looked once again in those eyes of mine, I saw the girl with dreams in me, tempting to fly.

I saw stories in those dreams, awaiting to be written and shared.

Yes, those stories full of love and of course full of life.

Even more closer, I saw the facts that make my life worth living and be grateful for every day;

I saw the comfort of my mom’s lap, the strength and support of my dad’s shoulder, love and more love from my better half, a brother’s eye that look up to me (and sometimes over), a handful of friends that have faith in me, a team of colleagues who trust in me and a huge family to back me up in my ups and downs. And above all a great God that showers His Grace on me.

Dear God, I am humbled to have them all in my life and can’t thank enough for these lovely people; my family, my friends, my colleagues, and all those who made me, me . I do realise all that what I have is not my merits, but all your Grace

And, Dear lovely people, Thanks for being my world.

Much Love ❤️

~ Chinchu Gibu

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I am Chinchu Kuriakose aka Chinchu Gibu. I am a writer/ blogger with a vision of spreading positivity and good cheer to the world and a Clinical Research Nurse by profession, working in Cancer Research. The creative side of me adores nature, humanity, romance and emotions; while the professional side of me works on research protocols and evidence-based practice. When a feeling, a moment, a thought or a memory touches my heart, it flows as words. I do it with passion; I do it with love. Yes, it is my profound thoughts that I would like to think a bit louder, so I could share a piece of it with the outer world.


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