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LET ME TAKE YOU TO BETHLEHEM: A Journey through the Manger..


I was always amazed by the audacity and obedience of the Most High to lower himself to take the form of a human being, that too to the simplicity of the manger, in that cold night in Bethlehem. The path was difficult, the circumstance was challenging, and above all what I see is the huge vulnerability in the whole process.

But looking closer, I see the act of love in abundance and giving beyond measure, and the thoughtfulness of the great Father from above, who has always been there as the guiding light.

Being a mere human, I still have to gather a lot of courage just to be me and follow my heart to my purpose. I occasionally pretend to be braver than I am, so people won’t see how weak I can be; I step back when I wish to scream out to let the world know how happy I feel, and at times I even try to hold my tears even if I want to cry out loud. I get conscious of my manners and mannerisms because I am scared that people would judge me.

But let me take you to the manger, where you could see everything as it is, there is no pretence, there is no shame, there is no fear of any sort, but everything you see is just as real as we are and our existence.

Could you see that baby in the manger, have you ever seen a King so humble as he is lying in there surrounded by cattle?

Could you see the submission and faith of Mother Mary and Joseph, who doesn’t seem worried about what the world may think of them?

Could you see the determination of the wise men from the East who followed the star, that came with gifts to pay homage to the newborn King? There is no weariness of the journey whatsoever in their eyes.

Could you see the innocence and excitement of the shepherds who got to see their king, who chose to be one among them in their World? For them, there is no room for doubt or question but just praises.

Could you see those cattle, they must be feeling honoured to share their space with the heavens?

Could you see the angels and listen to their song of glory and honour? Isn’t it true that a King is always a King no matter he is on the throne or in the manger?

And of course, the star of wonders, that lead the path, is it just the Cosmos’ contribution to this Holy birth, don’t you think it is something more? Like a reassurance from above that, there is always a God watching over you, and lead you through, even though you have no clue about your way.

Honestly when I look into the manger in Bethlehem, I realise that it’s not so hard to be me, and follow my heart. No matter what the world has to say, or how tougher the journey becomes, knowing my destination as my purpose, it becomes easier to figure out the path. Because, ultimately, my focus has moved up to the sky where I found the guiding light that leads the way.

Let the spirit of Christmas be our way, the joy of giving, the peace of loving and the beauty of sharing enlighten our today and all the days that’s yet to come.

Much Love,

~Chinchu Gibu

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