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The Joy of Sharing and Caring


My neighbourhood welcomes the festive season most warmly and incredibly. Probably because it’s a small township in Norfolk, the community here is rather friendly and connected.

We (my husband and I) only moved to Long Stratton last year, that too a fortnight before Christmas. Though, this is a temporary relocation; I should say this place is fantastic.

I was amazed by the friendly people and the way they celebrate in here. The carol singing by children at the market place last year and all the leaflets I received welcoming to Christmas services were all remarkable. The music, the food, the lights and decorations, everything is merry and it’s all about Christmas. Indeed something we miss in city life.

This year it’s a bit quieter, but still happening. Coming back to my neighbourhood, an incident happened to me last week. I thought it was worth sharing as it’s exceptional for me.

I hired a gardener to sort my garden and tidy up the Ivy plant on our front wall. Being completely unaware of the fact that he overcharged me for his services, I continued my daily chores as it was my day off from work.

Few minutes later, I heard the calling bell, because I wasn’t expecting anyone I peeped through the curtain, only to find the old man from next door. He watched me from his flat across the road, while I dealt with the gardener.

It was cold and miserable out there; that type of day when I only wish to grab a hot drink, and sit in my couch wrapped in a cosy blanket. As I opened the door, he introduced himself to me, and pointed to the flat he lives. Though we met many times, and waved at each other, this was the first time we talked.

He said, “You been ripped off dear, I been watching from upstairs, the gardener has overcharged you. I thought you will say no to his quote.” He looked and sounded extremely disappointed with what I did.

I thought why to blame the gardener, it is my ignorance that caused it. Moreover, people are struggling out there due to the unprecedented times, you never know what his (gardener) family is going through. Though I explained why I did, what I did. He wasn’t convinced by my explanation. He seemed very unsatisfied by the gardener’s doing. I understood that he had a valid point and thanked him.

He advised me to be careful next time dealing with people, and also offered me that if I need any garden services in future, he will send me his gardener to help. He also reminded me that good people still exist.

Surprisingly I didn’t feel disappointed, but happy instead to know that people still do care. I was touched by his act of thoughtfulness.

To me this is the spirit of Christmas, the love of giving, the thoughtfulness we receive, the kindness we share and the feeling of joy in everything we do.

Much Love

~Chinchu Gibu

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