A Christmas Reflection..

From yesterday’s briefing from the prime minister, the most dramatic news I heard in a long time: Christmas plans cancelled for London. What an impact of the unprecedented times..? I knew something drastic was coming, but never thought it would be this early.. Well! Having said that it couldn’t be any more shocking than having a whole year of failed plans, shattered dreams and losing lives, is it?

I always remember to celebrate life and live its moments with all my heart and soul. And Christmas is nothing different, being the most wonderful time of the year. It has always been a family affair, while growing up. It is all about being home with the people you love; the 25-days lent, the service, the love and sharing, the decorations, the star lights, the carols and a lot of delicious food: simple yet elegant way of celebrating Christ in his human form. It was the norm for years and never changed.

Probably then, I never thought in years to come, I might see the day when I crave to be with family to live those moments once again. It’s over ten years now that I been home for Christmas. It’s not that we don’t celebrate here, but it’s all about missing our dear ones.

As I started being homesick, when the realisation hit me that I can’t be home this year too, I decided to do it my way; by compiling both old and new (to me) traditions in such a way that it’s more of a joyful adventure and an exciting experience. My bucket list for Christmas is a fun journey, from learning to bake to Christmas blogs; every little thing is just as cool as I ever want it to be.

Even though it may not compensate for what I miss in life, it gives me contentment in living my present with no regrets. Because what I learned in life so far, is that the yesterdays are long gone and the future is not within our hold.

So to those of my lovely people out there, those affected by lockdown, those away from family, and those missing their loved ones, let’s make it our way this time. Let’s celebrate, but a bit different to our norms.

Stay safe and a Merry Christmas..

Much Love,

Chinchu Gibu

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