A Little Prayer ❤️

Dear God,

Honestly speaking there were many times this year, when I felt really disappointed with you. But to be fair, I do trust that you never put me down. And every will of yours (though some of them are beyond my understanding), I do believe it happened for our well-being.

Well, sometimes I do question, and I can’t help it. It’s not that I lost my trust in you, but it’s just that I don’t understand why. Of course, I don’t need to understand everything. I only have to submit to your will. But, you know me, that I don’t mean it when I get angry with you.

I have one very important thing to say to you, that amidst the pandemic, the new variant of it and now the flood last night, you still kept us safe, and I can’t thank you enough. Thank You, God, that you kept our families, our friends and our colleagues safe, even though some of them had to go through tough times.

As we celebrate your human form tonight, I only have one prayer, to keep this world safe and sane.

Merry Christmas

Much Love ❤️

Chinchu Gibu

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