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Simple yet subtle.. Profoundly silly yet thought-provoking.. Sums up life..

For how long..?

Headache.. Lethargic.. Fed up.. This was what I felt last week at work. Don’t take me wrong, I work in a very supportive environment, with a good team and backed up by a good management. It’s the mask I wear, for long hours. I ask myself every day, for how long…?

This week am off from work, am in the comfort of my home, didn’t go anywhere, I have no mask on, and you know what, I feel good, I didn’t have any more of those headaches.

It’s another National lockdown. As I was scrolling through the Sky News this evening, I happened to read the current statistics of confirmed Covid cases in England. The facts are overwhelming, one in 50 people in England has Covid. I been trying to avoid the news for months, to hide myself from the reality we face in the present day.

I think what Shylaja teacher, (the health minister of Kerala) said the other day is worth a thought. Yes, a self lockdown has become pertinent. Because no matter, what the government put in place, if we don’t follow the rules, what’s the use?

We as individuals need to make this decision of putting ourselves to a strict self lockdown in order to protect ourselves and the rest of the people around us. Because we are in a war right now, a war with the virus that is limiting us from our life, and our freedom.

In the past year, we learned to live a life that’s a lot simpler than we followed for years. We learned to live with what’s necessary rather than what we want. We learned to limit ourselves where needed to promote a safer life. Can we try it,with a bit more patience and perseverance for this one more time. It is indeed frustrating for you and me; but we have to stop this deadly variant. Because it has done enough damage to our lives. Just think about it, for how long can we endure this?

Think about a tomorrow, where we can walk out of our home, with a smile on the face that’s not covered by a mask.

Think about a tomorrow, we can wholeheartedly hold our loved one in our arms to give a warm hug.

Think about a tomorrow where we don’t have to stand in long queues in front of the supermarket for our essentials.

Think about a tomorrow where the kids can grow, learn and play with their fellow friends at school.

Think about a tomorrow where we can openly meet our friends for a treat or hang out with them.

Think about a tomorrow where we can freely travel to all those beautiful destinations in our bucket list with no fear.

Think about a tomorrow where we can taste the freedom which was once part of our day to day life.

Because if we don’t take this step today, how long can we endure this? For how long?

#stayhome #staysafe #savelives

~ Chinchu Gibu

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