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COVID-19: A Disrupted System Communication

Brain: Chinchu, hey what’s going on? You sleeping there? Don’t you have any work to do? Come on girl wake up.

Heart: Is she hibernating or what? I had so less effort this week. Yeah, in the beginning I pumped a bit faster, didn’t understand what was going on in her little brain on Monday night.?

Brain: True, Monday night she seemed chaotic, she used me to the point that I got exhausted and eventually shut down.

Lungs: This girl has no idea, after a very long while, I mean years, that I felt worked up so bad. Yes, that was on Monday morning and afternoon. Many times she ran out to the garden to breathe in deep to fill my alveoli. Very unusual, though.

Brain: Yes, I remember her mentioning that she felt breathless on Monday.

Kidneys: She normally drink well. But that eventful Monday, I worked like a donkey, she kept on drinking as if she didn’t see water for weeks. And then the next day onwards, as though I was on holiday, I had nothing to do.

Brain: Indeed, that day, she drank a whole 2-litre bottle with no effort at all.

Skin: Lot of confusion going on. It’s been a few days that I don’t know if I feel hot or cold, one minute, am emitting heat and the next minute am cold as ice.

Brain: True, she has a fever. No wonder she is less active these days.

Liver: She is not a junk eater. But I do worry about her these days, she started taking less food and more paracetamol regularly than usual. I know she is a sensible girl, but I feel concerned.

Brain: If she is unwell, I should know by now. I do wonder, is this the new guy out there, the one now the whole world is talking about – yeah that one who got a funny name. COVID-19.. People say he is only a protein and look what damage he has made. The whole system is out of order.

Me: Thank you Brain finally you know what I mean 🙄😓

~Chinchu Gibu

P.C: Google Images

N.B. I was unwell and my friend phoned me to uplift my mood, and this was what we thought was the communication going on between my vital organs. 🤗 Though there was more to our weird imagination, this is all I could comprehend here as the rest were robotic language which I will try to include in a later blog.🙈

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