Some Cat Talks !!

Today I was washing my plates in the kitchen, it’s over a week now, I haven’t stepped out of my home.

Two of my feline visitors, walked to my back garden. Let’s call them Kitty and Milo, the naughty male farm cats from my neighbourhood.

Kitty is black and white, handsome of course and Milo, has black, white and brown fur with white whiskers, looks wild, but gentle.

The flowing tap water gathered their attention towards me. They stood for a moment watching me, of course, making comments on what I was doing.

I raised my eyebrow to kitty, who stood near my window and Milo was standing by the fence.

Since they distracted my attention I dropped the plate with a thud noise, which alerted Kitty. I smiled at him and raised my hand and said, “Sorry, mate.”

I saw him turning to Milo and say, “Nevermind, she is a bit clumsy, looks like she hasn’t recovered yet, anyway we are in the safe zone.”

I saw that cheeky smile they shared and I rolled my eyes and sighed, “You silly cats, don’t think that I failed to notice that meaningful look of yours.” As though they understood, both walked away quietly.

~ Chinchu Gibu

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