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Relish your TasteBuds !!

Do you know how important is taste in our day to day life? Even though I never thought about the importance of taste that much before, in the past couple of weeks, this is the only topic I hear from many lovely people I know, including my other half, my colleagues and my friends.

Loss of taste (probably one of the most underrated) is a main symptom of COVID-19, as we all know by now from every possible data sources available to us, and one of the most frustrating symptoms of all.

I remember one of my colleagues said, “Everything tastes cardboard.” And the ruthless self of mine responded by asking, “So, when have you tasted cardboard?”. And we bursted out in laughter. But that was couple of days ago.

Today I was making my lovely cup of ‘milky’ coffee, which only myself and my colleague Cara can drink. [People did suggest in the past seeing the way I make it: that why bother putting coffee, drink milk rather ;)]. I offered Cara a cup of coffee too, which she gently declined, saying, “Don’t waste your effort, I can’t taste it.” But do you think I give up? No way, I proudly said, “But I shall make you my best signature coffee and you will love it. To this she couldn’t deny, but gladly agreed.

As usual, I made that signature coffee of mine, one for her too, but it’s really unfortunate, that my lovely friend Cara couldn’t sense any taste of it whatsoever. She looked so pathetic when she said it and my response was the worst one. I laughed my head off, but I promise I didn’t mean it. It’s true we are a team of a crazy bunch at work, and we laugh off many things. But, honestly, I empathised in my heart.

Even though losing taste is better than losing life, I do pray and wish that everyone get their taste back. Because I do believe that life can’t be the same, without being able to taste that lovely cuppa tea or coffee, that we savour every morning to start a brand new day.

Hence, dear people never underestimate the power of taste in our day to day life, because as the saying goes you won’t know what you have until you lose it.

Much Love,

~Chinchu Gibu

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