A look back to the Decade of life in England ❤️

Do you remember the girl from ten years ago, who boarded the Qatar Airways’ flight to London Heathrow from Cochin International Airport?

That was her first flight, even though there was some nervousness, her excitement overtook all her fears. She was going to college again to pursue yet another degree in health care. Though she had dreams and the wings craving to fly, little did she knew about the exciting journey awaited for her in her destination.

London, one of the most diverse cosmopolitan cities in the world, all thanks to God, who guided her to this fantastic city. The city that transformed this ‘innocent’ kid into a brave and daring person. People say ten years have gone in a blink, but for her, she lived and felt every day of it. It was a phase of learning for her, learning to say no, learning to overcome fears, learning to let go and most importantly, learning to hold on to her dreams.

Her college days in the London Campus was the best in her memory, she came across many lovely and selfless people, some left, and some remain in touch. Not too late that she had her other half to join her journey, which made life even more exciting. Life is not always a bed of roses, and there were tough times too. But it only made her stronger both in herself and in God.

“It’s ten years now, thank you, Lord”, her eyes, misted over with a teardrop as she smiled and looked up to the heavens and whispered, “Thank you for appointing your angels to protect my lovely people and me, even when times were a bit dark, roads were a bit tough especially passing by those empty lanes; it was just us, and it was only you.” She wiped her eyes and looked forward and now she could see, the road ahead, of fun and adventures yet to come. She took her steps to the infinite possibilities and it goes on..

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: It goes on.”—Robert Frost.

Much Love ❤️

Chinchu Gibu

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