To the love of my life..

Deep within your eyes, I see the vast ocean of love,

The depth of which I find difficult to fathom somehow.

People say love is blind, but it’s different with you,

I see better, having you beside, more than I knew.

The love I feel for you is neither what I read nor I heard,

It’s not unreasonable or illogical to me, but a bit absurd.

Of course, my brain finds it easy, to go it’s own way,

To make you happy, with my crazier ideas, each new day.

I know I don’t see those many things visible to me,

But rather, my insight works better with you, I agree.

I do wonder sometimes, is that it’s in your soul within,

The magic lies that pulls me to you through thick and thin.

I wake up every morning with a smile on my face,

In the contentment imparted to me in your embrace.

You don’t have a hint of how grateful I feel having you,

And the many times I look up to heaven in gratitude, I do.

Much Love ❤️

Chinchu Gibu

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