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An Evening Drive in my Neighbourhood.

When life offers limited options to explore, what could you possibly do?

The answer is simple, make the most of it.

“That’s enough Chinchu; Enough of philosophy now.”

So today is an important day in my life, it marks the second anniversary of me learning to drive. One of the Everests’ I conquered in my lifetime. Sounds dramatic, but it was worse when I was working towards it. It was the fear, the fear of moving faster, the fear of bigger vehicles approaching, the fear of managing a big automobile on my own. But what I found after overcoming that fear was a great gift, all worth the effort: Freedom, yes, that’s what welcomed me.

I was thinking about my hassles to get to this freedom. It was after lunch and I was in bed to have a short nap. Though the idea was to have a little rest, it ended up to a long three hour sleep. I was woken up by a dream, a dangerous’Formula One’ kinda dream. “I didn’t see any Hollywood Action movies or any car racing videos today”, I laughed at my thought.

I got up and sat at the side of my bed looking at the sleepy disheveled image of myself on the dressing table mirror. I could hear the voices rather noises from the living room, my better half is watching the news. It’s the general election coming up back home ( in Kerala), and it’s all politics and discussions; my brain gets cooked listening to it.

I peeped in through the door and asked, “Would you fancy a nice cuppa tea?” He gave a smiley gesture that answered my question. Sipping my favourite Indian tea, I suggested, “We have an hour to sunset, what’s your idea on a nice drive.” He was ready before me and we set off to the country roads, my favourite place to be.

It was an awesome one. We moved slowly through the neighbourhood roads, through the Pulham Market, Starston, Harleston, Redenhall and back, capturing nature’s beauty, getting ready to rest and the magnificent blazing sky following the sunset. I drove through the long stretch of road in front of me, which looked empty but so welcoming to my sight.

We saw pheasants, ducks and wild rabbits, as it was their time to be out on the roads, not mine; and I slowed my pace so I won’t startle their course. We caught a glimpse of sheeps still grazing, without realising it’s time to settle and rest. Those of them, who gave us a pause for the pictures, we stopped and captured; but the wild rabbit just ran for his life.

Though we have limited options to move around, we managed to explore the beauty of our neighbourhood. The nature around just amazes us each new day with its creations, and imparts novelty in every sight we see, no matter how many times we have seen it before.

Wow❗ A Pheasant 👀
😮And a Duck 🦆
Sky in ablaze 😊
Grazing in green pastures!!
I am Not Scared!! 😱
Greens 🤗
And Us ❤️

Much Love and Blessings

Chinchu Gibu

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