Do you Dare to Dream? 😉

I mentioned yesterday about the “Formula One kinda dream”, rather nightmare I saw in my afternoon nap. Would you believe how anxious I felt after that to drive my car? It is still clinging to my thoughts, even after I tried to brush it aside.

I am neither a fan of car stunts nor did I watch a Hollywood movie before bed. I wasn’t racing or chasing, but I saw myself flying in my car over a parked white car on the road and, to my surprise, landed safely on the ground. Yes, it sounds very similar to the “You may want to close your eyes for this” type of scene in the “Need for Speed” movie.

Though I laughed at myself for what I saw, considering how timid I can be in having an adventure, on a positive note, at least I can do it in my dreams, I thought. However, I think I shouldn’t sleep any longer than needed because I see myself quite capable of landing on the moon or start living on Mars in my dreams.

I heard people say dreams are our spilt thoughts and imaginations that represent our oblivious desires and wishes. But, I reminded my mind, my subconscious, “I love those dreams I see, but I would suggest for next time, let’s see something not as audacious as what I saw yesterday; because why would you want me to suffer a heart attack so young?”

Much Love,

Chinchu Gibu

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