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Back to Spring: Back to Life

It was a bright and sunny afternoon. There were some white clouds scattered here and there in the otherwise clear blue sky. Nature is reviving itself from the confused weather last week, which I think is solely United Kingdom’s weather feature. I felt pity for the poor meteorologist the previous week because one minute you have sunshine, the next minute snow, a bit later some hails, repeats in a disorderly manner.

Unlike some of the days in last week, today is more like a day everyone wishes to be out for a while, to enjoy the sunshine, blossoming flowers, chirping birds, and the glimpse of the spring blooming to its glory. After my breakfast, I came to the living room to sit for a while and do some calls. I was mesmerised by the scene on my lawn, a flock of starlings, with their long and pointed bills. It was pretty warming and positive to watch.

Though I love nature and everything that it involves, it’s only recently I started watching the birds that come into my lawn and backyard. There is a lot to see, and we only have to take the focus off our gadgets and look around to see the fantastic work of the creator.

I started reading a book a few days back. Up: My life’s journey to the top of Everest by Ben Fogle. I haven’t reached far with it yet; I am a slow reader, I admit, but the positive vibes it imparted from page one itself is worth mentioning. And what caught my attention was the brief write up before the Introduction, the preface, I would think. It is about us having evolved into a “down looking species”, and Ben Fogle asks if we could imagine how much we are missing out on by looking down.

“How true, isn’t it?”

When we think about it, we look down literally and metaphorically, and we don’t realise what we miss. The moment we look up and move our eyes around, we see the richness and grace of life, the abundance of love, the beauty of nature, and every beautiful thing that surround us. Above all, the thoughtfulness of the creator who made this all for us to cherish in our lives. What is the point of living without relishing everything that life entails?

Coming back to bird watching, my knowledge about birds is limited; I only know the common house birds which anyone could recognise. The ones I don’t know, I rely on the Google lens and find out. What would we have done without google?🙄😂 My current guests include a pair of Eurasian Collared Doves, few Robins, a couple of Pigeons, some blackbirds, a Magpie and a flock of Starlings. Some small birds from the Tit family are susceptible to sound that they fly away quickly when they find my presence. Indeed, birds are beautiful beings, I enjoy their presence, and if they let me, I capture some moments too.

Have you ever thought of nature without birds and flowers? Dull and lifeless. So, why not savour life when it is full of ‘life’?
Let’s look up from our gadgets. Let’s walk barefoot in our gardens. Let’s watch the birds and the butterflies. Let’s enjoy the joy of flowers blossoming around. Let’s spread our hands wide and embrace the beauty. Let’s breathe in deep the freshness of the air and awaken each cell of our body. Let’s look around and live the moments. Let’s relish nature.

Much Love,

Chinchu Gibu

Robin in the Plate 🤭
Increased traffic !!
Who is this? Not clear
? Starling ?🤔
So curious 🤨🙄😂

P.S: Pictures not clear because taken through my glass window.

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