The grass is greener..

It’s been a bright and sunny day. For some reason the grass looked greener than ever to me. I stepped out of my home barefooted to feel the greenery that enveloped my backyard. I stood there for a moment to absorb its entirety to my soul. Then I took a big inhale and filled my alveoli and slowly exhaled, and opened my eyes. The sky is clear and blue. The view is magnificent, engrossed by lush green trees, and full of life. And the mellow music of chirpy birds adding to the ambience, indeed it makes it divine. I can’t explain, it’s pure ecstasy. I sat down, closed my eyes to etch this feeling to my memory. I don’t know how long I sat there.. I felt the chill from the cool breeze that blew, waking me from my trancelike state. As the sun was dipping in the western horizon, it started getting cooler. And I slowly got back on my feet and to my home. Nature, is indeed a therapy, it heals the body and soul, explore it and embrace it..

Much Love

~Chinchu Gibu

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