Butterfly Watch 🦋

I rose from bed this morning thinking about my tomato plant. The weight of the growing bunch of tomatoes were putting pressure on it’s shoot. I supported it with a couple of stakes, but it didn’t seem enough when I looked at it yesterday evening.

As soon I woke up, even before brushing my teeth, I rushed to the garden with a bamboo stick, a pair of scissors and twine. I trimmed the unwanted bits and gave another bit of support to the plant. Looking proudly at my work, I took a deep inhale of the freshness that surrounded me. Indeed a beautiful way to start another morning.

As I felt the warmth of the morning sun rays on my face, a cool breeze blew, making me think of the comfort of the blanket and the hand that wrapped around me earlier in bed. I was reminded of my forgotten chores for the morning when this beautiful visitor flew by and sat on the polystyrene box placed on the ground

—a beautiful peacock butterfly.

I squatted down, watching it flutter; I enjoyed what I saw. It flew away after a while, not that it was scared of me or anything, but probably felt intimidated of feeling closely stared at and filmed. I laughed at my thought and stepped into my house, feeling up to face a brand new day.

—a peacock butterfly 👀


Much Love,

~Chinchu Gibu

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