Just a thought

Our Mind— is also such an interesting thing. Every night, before you go to bed, you try to be bold, accept your fate and make up your mind ready for another new day.

And the next day you wake up, you forget everything you decided, but remember exactly what you decided not to, you start feeling empty and hopeless and have to start all over again..

Indeed our mind—it doesn’t seem much resilient as it is supposed to be..

Good or Bad? What do you think? Of course good it is, at least you are left with very many options to think and decide, each new day. Keeping mind busy is a good strategy.

Our God too you know was very clever creating us, very different from other beings, with this mind of ours..

Accepting the fate is a bold decision; deciding to leave it behind and moving on, is even bolder. But choosing to live it is the boldest. Indeed, the choices are left with us.

You have the choice to be happy, honestly no one or nothing can steal it. You have the choice to be different, don’t have to follow what other’s in your place did. And of course, you could choose to Let Go… or.. yes Let God..

Yes.. many choices.. choose one ☝️ or choose all.. nobody cares..but remember to stay positive and stay away from negativity..

And then, you don’t even realise when your strength becomes your weaknesses and your weaknesses becomes your strength.

Much Love,

~Chinchu Gibu

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