…Just like my Beets

Every thing at home started to fascinate me in the past two years,it’s not all about the time I get to be home, but the bricks on my wall, the shrubs in my garden, the cats/ the hedgehog/ the birds that visits me, and now the “produce” from what I call my “lil farm”.

Everything I see, that is in and around my home makes me feel great awe. Not that I haven’t seen them before, but just that it’s now with a different understanding and a better perspective.

When I think about it, I do miss many things in life, my family, my friends, travel, fun and many more. But, end of the day, life is not about what we can’t make at the moment, but it’s all about what we make out of what we have..

Sometimes it’s the little things that give the greatest joy.. Like my beets, it just made my heart skip a beat. 😉

Much Love and God bless..


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