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The Bethlehem I saw..

..the beautiful guiding star lit up the sky, and we stood not far from the manger in Bethlehem. I leaned my head on his shoulder and relaxed, enjoying what I saw. And he held me in his arms as we both embraced the joy of humanity before our eyes..

The cool breeze woke me from my day dream. Indeed, from all the stories I heard from childhood to now, that night in Bethlehem remains as one of the most beautiful scenes in the back of my mind. I keep brushing it new, every year with a bit of imagination of my own.

Let me take you to Bethlehem, to the very familiar place to most of us.

..the star lit up the sky and the earth.. The virgin mother and Joseph stood by the crib. My eyes never left the little face I saw. It was serene and graceful.

Take a closer look at the baby. Did you see God’s thoughtfulness to humankind? What are we for God to send his only son to be born as one among us, to live and die for our sins? How could we turn a blind eye to this abundant love?

As we stood near the manger, we experienced the inner joy and peace deep within. The little one made my heart flutter, probably this is heaven I thought to myself. I was humbled and reminded of the boundless love our Father from heaven has bestowed upon us.

Let’s welcome baby Jesus to be born in our hearts and homes. Let the earth and heaven rejoice at the arrival of the newborn king. Let’s sing him a beautiful lullaby.

[Here’s with great joy, us, the team of Thiruhridaya Kripayil (തിരുഹൃദയ കൃപയിൽ), announcing the release of our new song, Bethleheminoru Tharattu (ബെത്‌ലെഹേമിനൊരു താരാട്ട്), a lullaby for baby Jesus, on the 17th of December @ 5:30 hrs UK 🇬🇧 (i.e. 11:00 hrs India 🇮🇳 ). Stay tuned to our YouTube channel: 🔗

❤️17/12/21 @ 5:30 hrs UK time i.e. 11:00hrs Indian time ❤️
The Bethlehem I saw..

Credits: Jincy A Jose for portraying my vision in this beautiful handcraft and taking its picture.

Have you seen what I saw?

Song Credits:
Lyrics: Chinchu Kuriakose
Music: Sobin Anto
Singer: Sreya Jayadeep
Producer: Gibu Babu Abraham
Orchestration and Mixing: Jackson P James
Violin: Mathews Kottayam
Flute: Subhash Cherthala
Tabala: Sumith Ettumanoor
Guitar: Madhu Alapuzha
Chorus: Anju Basil
Anila Mary Simon
Blessy Thomas
Camera: George Antony
Arrangements: Kalesh Chandrasekharan
Editor: Anoop Limelight
Poster Design: Jiby Mediatoonz, Kottayam


Much Love & God bless

~Chinchu Gibu

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