Mommy 😍 Happy Mothers Day ❤️

‘Parents never get old’, something I believed since childhood and still wish to be true — yes, silly me, as always, live in my illusions.

But when I see their hair turning grey, I feel guilty that I don’t spend as much time as I should be with them anymore. My father looks graceful in his grey hair, but to my mother, I say let’s try some colour, not that it’s going to change anything, but it keeps my illusion intact.

When I look at myself in the mirror, I see my mother. It’s not just the physical resemblance I bear, but this life I live, and the dreams I chase, belonged to her once, in a different realm and a different pace.

It’s not crazy to think that way; after all, there was a time I had my shelter within her womb and then a lifetime in her heart, so it’s just reasonable to live a bit of life for her.

Sometimes I laugh at her for being concerned for me even now as an adult, but deep within, I am grateful and proud that I have her to think of me, pray for me, wish well for me, which I sometimes forget to do myself.

 “There is no other like your lovely mother, 
Love her, respect her, and honour her.
It’s a blessing for us to have her around,
As there are many that wish that she was there.”

Wishing a Happy Mother’s Day to all lovely mothers out there..

Much love ❤️

~ Chinchu Gibu

2 responses to “Mommy 😍 Happy Mothers Day ❤️”

  1. wow, same thoughts. Moms are like a magic wand for every kid, just wave the wand, and the problems they are dealing with have just been solved.

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