Tulips: A poem of perfect love.

Through the well-adorned tulip fields, we walked,

Holding one another tight, with fingers interlocked.

I embraced the joy of falling in love once again,

Joy overflowing my heart, beyond what it could contain.

The cool breeze that lingered and the sun itself,

Showing off an occasional presence, like a naughty elf.

I supposed, the flowers, like me had their own mind,

That lived a classy and elegant life, one of its kind.

I saw a feather up in the air, going lighter as it wends,

Or was it my soul? I blinked, doubted for a few seconds.

I knew my mind was somewhere, wandering around,

Happily seeking its way out, not wanting to be found.

Oh, tulips, my words are scarce before your charm,

In the way, you made my heart mellow and warm.

No wonder they say you symbolise the perfect love,

And no doubt to me, you are well beyond and above.

Much love ❤️

~ Chinchu Gibu

👌 just awesome ❤️
Beautiful 😍
Wow 😮
I am lost!!
Am at a loss of words 🤭
My perfect love ❤️

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