Tired? What about some fun?

After a hectic week at work, I remained in bed for several hours, thinking it might help. Exhaustion, lack of motivation, and to top it all up, the washing machine decided to break.

Knowing well that I wasn’t ready for the day, I decided not to put pressure on myself at all. I wasn’t surprised that I had a snack for breakfast and cereal for lunch, but I was grateful that I had them.

I wanted some distraction, and the pebbles collected from the beach few weeks ago just played the trick. I grabbed the brush, and with each stroke, I smudged colours everywhere that lacked them.

As usual, I made a complete mess; my hands, my clothes, the floor, everywhere was smeared with paint. And ended up with an extra job to clean up. When I think of it, that was the best thing I did today.

Some days are like that, and it doesn’t matter. This is just a lesson for us to learn how to go with the flow. When life doesn’t go as planned, a little experience of living the unplanned and unpredictable helps.

Much Love ❤️

~ Chinchu Gibu

🎨 🤭😍

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