Some gentle gestures..

I commute to work by public transport. And let me clarify, I am not bringing up the parking issues at work. It’s an absolute joy I enjoy daily, my little journey through the country to work.

From the lady that walks her dog, who I greet every morning, to the birdies that live in the bushes behind where I stand, all are part of my typical mornings.

Around the five minutes, I am there, three buses pass by, including mine. Nine out of ten times, I am on my own, and the buses never fail to stop if someone is standing there. Every time the other two buses stop in front of me, I nod to say no, I am not coming.

I started feeling embarrassed about this. Hence I began to stay a few metres away from the bus stop, so they don’t have to stop the bus seeing me.

Yesterday, as usual, I was waiting, and to my surprise, the bus stopped right in front of where I stood, away from the bus stop. Once again, I disappointed myself by saying no to a kind gesture.

But in a way, I felt great that the driver did care to stop. I often feel better in those kind gestures people show me; it could be a simple good morning, a tap on the shoulder saying well done, a gentle squeeze on the hand telling thank you, or even a genuine smile.

I always hear from people about how mean and unkind the world can be, and on a few occasions, I have experienced the same. But I never complain because I have come across many good people, some I never knew before, yet in some way, they made my life better.

N.B. Good people still exist. 😍

Much Love and God bless❤️

~ Chinchu Gibu

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