Nature Vibes

I opened the French doors to the garden for some cool air, as it felt warmer in the living room. A gentle breeze swept in, touching my face and making my senses relax immediately. I stepped out, off my slippers, barefooted in the garden, feeling the wet grass and the earth beneath.

“Chirping birds, blooming flowers, buzzing bees, and swaying trees; indeed, it’s full of nature,” I thought.

I don’t know why I believe that nature reveals its glory only to those who seek, probably because it’s been there all the while, but many of us don’t seem to notice.

I looked out to the spectacular view in front of me, which instantly released serotonin and endorphins in my brain. Indeed those flowers and their colours send positive vibes to anyone who spares a moment to look at them.

I planted them in tubs this year out of pure inspiration from the flower bed at the bus stop. I am not a well-motivated gardener, but I appreciate every effort of people that dirty their hands to dig the soil to give life to a seedling and be there for it through its lifecycle.

I used to wonder who waters those plants at the bus stop, which motivated me to plant some of them in mine. And one day, I saw this gentleman who came out with a hose pipe to water them. And I was surprised to know that he did it every day.

He reminded me of the wonderful person who held my hands to plant nutmeg trees at home, my grandfather. If it wasn’t for him, who made efforts to befriend me with nature, I am unsure if I would appreciate it the same way I do now.

Much Love ❤️ and God bless

~ Chinchu Gibu

N.B., When I requested a picture for my blog, the gentleman at the bus stop kindly let me take his picture watering the flower bed. Isn’t this world a better place with kinder people like him? 😊

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