Work in progress..

My imagination is going wild, has my mind lost its communication with my fingers? It’s been a while, I couldn’t put any words right. I am restless, and I can’t help it.

What’s wrong? I wondered, have I lost my words, or is it something else? No, this is not how it’s suppose to be. I closed my eyes to calm my racing thoughts. Did I hear something?

Who is it? I asked focussing the lighted area where the voice originated, it’s too bright, I can’t see.

But I definitely heard what it said,

“You need a break, just slow down, take a deep breath and relax. Give a chance for your words to find it’s way back to you”.

Is it what they call a writer’s block? I chuckled at my thought, never mind, at least I believe I am a writer.

As if hearing my thoughts, the voice replied,

“Well, don’t you know that when there is a work in progress, there will be a temporary disruption. That’s all what it is, so be rest assured that it will be restored in no time.”

I relaxed and drifted off to sleep, to the beautiful dream that awaited my way.

Much love ❤️ God bless

~Chinchu Gibu

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