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Covid: The Uninvited Guest

Covid has infiltrated our household once again for the third time uninvited. My hubby and I work with people; you can’t stay away or shield when it comes to health care and retail, can you? And as a matter of fact, covid has become part of our day-to-day life.

We may not be among the people who have excellent immune systems, I suppose, as covid hadn’t spared us once in the past two and a half years when it got the chance. This time I am not the one to blame because the last couple of times, I brought it home. And still, when I say we are even now, hubby doesn’t agree with me.

He wasn’t well yesterday and didn’t leave bed due to a fever and extreme fatigue. I cooked rice porridge (kanji) and mung beans, one of the many foods we cook back home when unwell. I was disappointed as it was left untouched because he didn’t have an appetite, and neither did I. I was disturbed and restless as he wasn’t eating. And he was getting annoyed with me getting persistent.

So this morning, I decided to cook tapioca and beef curry; it’s not only one of the favourite dishes of us Keralites but an emotion indeed. It was just yummy, not because I cooked it, and if I say delicious would be an understatement. I was looking at my hubby’s face for that satisfied look.

To my disappointment, he just ate it with no expression whatsoever, which made me question him. And he said, “I don’t feel any taste; I am just eating.” On the one hand, I felt annoyed that covid was affecting the senses, but on the other, I thanked God that he ate something.

There is always something to be thankful for in life. Even on the darkest days, God leaves us with that one thing to be grateful for; it may not be visible until a glimmer of light takes over. I also tested positive this morning, and the symptoms have just started with a sore throat, a bit of congestion and a cough.

Though we did our usual remedies of saline gargle, steam inhalation, vitamin d and Lemsip, it doesn’t look like this cough is going to let us sleep. Chewing the nutmeg I brought from home, my mother’s secret homely cure for cough, we both retired to bed, hoping for a good night’s sleep.

I wrote in my gratitude diary, thank you God, for another new day. A habit I have long forgotten but recently recommenced only to remind myself of the great things God has done for us. And as I closed the journal, I sighed, “I don’t know what tomorrow holds for us; let me leave it to you God.”

So till then, sleep well, guys.

Much Love, God bless ❤️

~ Chinchu Gibu

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