Oh Snowflake❄️ I don’t hate you one bit 😍

Well, it look like the earth is chilling below the blanket of snow,

While we are complaining of the temperatures so low..

And I thought, Why not we embrace this moment we are in?

Because who knows what tomorrow holds as the time spin.

There is beauty in nature, in every season we come across,

And not being able to enjoy it would obviously be a loss.

As much as we warm up to the sunshine, we need a bit of cooling too,

To keep a balance over the living system around as they do..

Snow is beautiful like a baby’s smile, light as a feather,

But what comes after makes it even dreadful as in weather.

I love the fresh and crispy sound under my boots as I walk on it

When it becomes slippery ice, it gives me a fright, I have to admit.

Though capable of creating a blizzard when you are on it,

Oh snowflake, when you are so gentle, I don’t hate you one bit.

Much Love ❤️ God bless 😍


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