😍 Today’s Sunset

It was quite a busy day at work and towards the evening I was worn out. As I shut down my computer screen, I couldn’t think straight anymore.

All I wanted was a warm shower, a cuppa and a couch to sit back with my feet up. I nearly dozed off on the bus on my way home. I got down at the bus stop, it was already dark, a mild typical winter evening.

I carefully crossed the road to our residential area, it is a three minute walk from bus stop to home. I wearily walked through the footpath, street lamps lighting my way.

As I lifted my head to look ahead, I was welcomed by a beautiful sky on the horizon, blended with a mix of warm and cool colours.

And with a smile, I looked above and said, “That was very artistic of you, God, and why not, especially when you have the entire universe as a canvas at your disposal.”

Much love ❤️ God bless

~ Chinchu Gibu

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