A letter to my love

It’s not the good days but all the others that help us define our relationships. Well, I know my perception of love changes from time to time. Probably that makes it more exciting and refreshing, in a good way.

So love, day by day I learn new things about you that make me fall more for you. With you, I learned to appreciate those not-so-great days when I am at the receiving end of all your care.

On the days when I wake up not being myself, you hold me tight so I don’t fall apart.

On the days when I am drained of all my energy, and I sit aside, and you never complain.

On the days I feel I need a break, you take charge with no hesitation as if it’s how it should be.

On the days I fail to see myself in the mirror, you never forget to remind me I am beautiful.

On the days I don’t understand myself, you see through me and figure out without me talking.

On the days I am grumpy due to lack of sleep, you keep calm and carry on without fuss.

And I know when I say girls need more sleep than boys, you laugh it off and let me win my claims. (I know you don’t believe me, but that’s true😉.)

I do know my flaws, as much as my strengths. And I do appreciate how much more you care for me on bad days than the good ones. It’s not always the happiness, fun, excitement and surprises we share. But it’s those vulnerable times I count on you more, like when I am low, miserable, and lost. And I am reassured you are there for me regardless. That’s why when I say I love you, it does mean more each day than the day before.

Much love ❤️

~Chinchu Gibu

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