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🙈Can’t believe I am doing this..😂😂

Write about your first computer.

My First computer was a Dell Inspiron Core i3 black laptop, which I owned in August 2011. I remember going to Curry’s PC World with my then Local Guardian and choosing the device.

It cost 300 pounds then, and it took me six months to pay off the price from my meagre income as a student. And it was probably one of the first things I owned with my money.

I loved it because it was my first, before my customised Dell XPS and my current Macbook Pro. It could have been fancier, but the sole purpose of it was to do my assignments.

A year or so later, I gave it to my brother when he needed one for his work, which he used for several years afterwards. It’s not serving its purpose anymore, but it is still at home, safe in my brother’s cupboard.

Our ‘firsts’ remind us how far we have travelled from the beginning to now, imparting us the satisfaction of our accomplishments and a reflection on the path towards them. It wasn’t easy, but it was my journey to be proud of the pages of my story.

Today, 12 years since I set off on my journey, I feel grateful sitting in my writer’s space, composing this blog on my favourite device; (which my loving hubby encouraged me to have to fulfil my passion for writing,) yet the thought of my first laptop puts a smile on my lips, one with a sense of triumph and gratitude.

Much Love ❤️ God bless

~Chinchu Gibu

P.S. @WordPress: Are you really trying to learn more about your bloggers? Some of your daily prompts make me want to be more cautious. 🤔Well, never mind. 😂😂😂

2 responses to “🙈Can’t believe I am doing this..😂😂”

  1. First computer?!!! My first computer well I put it together. More 20 years ago they was expensive. And I didn’t want to give2-3sakary just to get. So I was buying components to build computer it cost me 300 $. Wish you great day

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  2. Hi. I’m a business and marketing consultant specializing in working with construction industry and trades as well as service based professional businesses….

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