My Profound Thoughts

Simple yet subtle.. Profoundly silly yet thought-provoking.. Sums up life..

When plants listen…

You know I took good care of you my baby plant,

Though you were in the pot and not in the land

I made sure you get your warmth, water and light,

And to ensure that I never put you out of my sight

But your leaves started falling off one by one

Until finally you became bare under the sun

It would be a lie if I say I have given up on you

To bring you to life, I didn’t know what else to do

Still, I kept on watering you, not losing my faith

Just with enough wetness for your roots to bathe

I kept talking to you and I knew you heard me

And you sprouted, one day an answer for me to see

The hope I could have lost has returned to my side

And as promised I gave you a better space inside

In your newer pot, you look grand like royalty

All I want for you is to thrive in love and loyalty

Much love 😍 God bless ❤️

~ Chinchu Gibu

2 responses to “When plants listen…”

  1. I really love your thoughts is educative

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Really like you to be my bestie on Valentine’s day haha


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About Me

I am Chinchu Kuriakose aka Chinchu Gibu. I am a writer/ blogger with a vision of spreading positivity and good cheer to the world and a Clinical Research Nurse by profession, working in Cancer Research. The creative side of me adores nature, humanity, romance and emotions; while the professional side of me works on research protocols and evidence-based practice. When a feeling, a moment, a thought or a memory touches my heart, it flows as words. I do it with passion; I do it with love. Yes, it is my profound thoughts that I would like to think a bit louder, so I could share a piece of it with the outer world.


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