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Milestone Musings

An excerpt from My London Diaries

When I say, it’s 12 years since I moved to the UK, I’ve heard a few comments on how quickly time has passed, in the blink of an eye, etc. Is it true though? Well, truth to be told, I have lived and felt every moment of every day. Looking back on the journey from the dream of a foreign degree to my dream job of being a Research Nurse took me 12 beautiful years of my life.

Every year, I take a trip through my memory lane, just to be grateful, and count those blessings. There were times of betrayal, loss, grief and despair, yet when I muse on it my blessings outweighed those tormenting times. In a way, there is so much good I see now, that it keeps the bad ones well tucked away.

I see the girl that proudly walked to the stage in Dean Yard, Westminster, on graduation day to receive her degree, the picture of which still gives me goosebumps..🎓

I see the girl who jumped in excitement when she got the tickets to watch the Olympics in London 2012, no matter whether she understands hockey or not.

I see the girl that celebrated her victory in the IELTS examination in the UK by watching a Bollywood movie with a friend from Pakistan, indeed her sharing friendship and joy knew no borders.

I see the girl that posed for a picture holding her driving license, the best achievement of her life driving her fears away moving in momentum with speed.

I see the girl who excitedly enrolled to one of the top universities to gain better insight into the world of creative writing, a passion she holds which is not a secret anymore.

I see the girl that was stubborn and who waited for so long to get her dream job, even after being turned down a few times due to lack of experience, and now that she got it, she does it with a lot of passion and pride.

I see the girl who tried hard to hold her tears back when she was prompted by her husband to receive the keys to their dream home, her Cherubs’ Cradle as she calls it.

I see the girl that stares at the city, every time she visits London, with a grateful heart and a meaningful smile, a reminder of her beginning to now.

Thank God for yet another year of life, with everything in it. Thanks for all the blessings and lessons in life, and all the lovely people adding meaning to it.

Much Love ❤️ God bless

~ Chinchu Gibu

P.S. The context seems to be a repetition, but this is for me: a reminder to be grateful, a reminder to appreciate.

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  1. I would love to move to the UK one day thank you for reminding me of my goals and dreams!!

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