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A difficult last “ goodbye”

Describe the last difficult “goodbye” you said.

Saying goodbyes are the most difficult, and I am not a fan of it. Life doesn’t give many options as well, making goodbyes even more challenging than it already is. My last difficult goodbye happened 12 years ago, which I told my grandfather.

I grew up in my maternal home, which made me closer to my maternal grandparents. I shared a significant part of my childhood with them. They were my rock, building me into the person I am today.

My grandfather had a stroke in 2003, and with timely medical interventions, he lived another good ten years of life. He was a man of great character, calm and composed. I happened to share a lot of beautiful memories with him.

Before leaving for the UK for my studies, I met my grandfather to say goodbye. I remember he asked me to pray for him. I knew he was happy for me. He assured me his prayers and blessings were with me wherever I went.

When I left my maternal home, I knew I wouldn’t see him again. My inner voice told me this was the last time I saw him. We may not foresee what’s ahead, but here I was, sure it was my final goodbye. I remember walking home that afternoon as clear as water.

The picture of this girl crossing the bridge to her home with a heavy heart, an empty gaze, tear-stained cheeks and trembling lips, hardly containing her sobs, remains etched in my memory. Goodbyes are always tricky, especially when said to people we love. But unfortunately, when the time comes, we have no choice. And that’s life.

Much Love ❤️ God bless

~ Chinchu Gibu

P.S. Goodbyes are difficult, but what is even worse is when life denies that goodbye— like the loss of a pregnancy… you have developed a bond with a little person who starts life within yourself and you already developed a bond even before knowing and eventually lose the little person due to reasons you cannot process, and you are denied a chance to say goodbye because they haven’t formed to a person at all. Believe me or not, but that’s the worst of all. But again, as I said that’s life and so we move on.

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  1. Deeply condolance… Hope you can overcome soon.

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