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Another New Day!!

What a beautiful morning, I thought, still lying under my duvet. It’s lovely to lay in bed knowing it’s the weekend and you will not be running late for anything. My husband was getting ready for work, and seeing me awake, he asked, where are you going? I looked at him, puzzled, and gave him that look: “Do I look like I am going somewhere?

And he laughed and said, ” Well, you were the one talking in your sleep, “coming”. In my mind, I wasn’t sleep-talking; instead, I was telling him I would be joining him downstairs for a cup of tea before he set off for work. He looked more amused and said, but you were talking with your eyes closed, aka sleeping. I knew he was determined not to believe me, and I didn’t argue but smiled and closed my eyes again for a little while.

Later, I came to my kitchen and saw my favourite morning tea awaiting me, thanks to my sweet hubby.

I poured the tea into my favourite cup and, taking a sip, closed my eyes to appreciate the refreshing taste of another new day. And I opened my eyes to my inner voice that reminded me to rise and shine.

The bright daylight was so welcoming that I put my garden shoes on and stepped out to my garden. Sometimes working every day of the week makes you so tired that you don’t realise what you miss out on. And as the weekend approaches, you already have your set things to do to prepare for another week.

I spent some time in the garden last Sunday, and I got some seeds sprouted, and some are still struggling. I am still determining what to expect with this weather, and I am not a dedicated gardener. Though nothing looks perfect as I wish it would be one day, it’s worth the pleasure and joy that keeps me grounded literally and metaphorically.

I repotted some seedlings, filled some pots with compost to plant some more and watered the rest. And I removed my gloves, washed them, and dried them for next time. The day is still young, and I got so much to do. And here I stop, for now, to see you back again soon.

Much Love ❤️ and God bless 😍

~Chinchu Gibu

I see trees of green
Red roses too
I see them bloom
For me and you…
(What a Wonderful World
Song by Louis Armstrong)🙏🙏
And that’s my vision ☝️

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  1. Deepthi Abraham Avatar
    Deepthi Abraham

    Awesome dr🥰

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    1. Thank you ❤️❤️


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